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As the drones buzz overhead, there’s suddenly a massive blast, and as the ringing fades the buzzing takes its place again, punctuated by the barking of street dogs. This is the only sign of life to be heard. And life will disappear again. Five muffled explosions echo through the Strip; this was a navy attack.

After a first night, I wonder how the people of Gaza can handle this stress, how can children sleep. In this a permanent incertitude, who knows what will be the next target.

At first light the following morning, it’s time to check the news and know how many died. There were eight, including two women; all civilians. Journalists rushed to report on the damages. While looking for the demolished houses, a bomb flew right above our head and landed a few hundred metres away. Panic − what to do? Where to run? Will there be more bombs?

Where was the impact? As we rushed towards the house to get the shot, families ran away carrying their children. A father grabbed three of his kids from whatever members he could and ran away as fast as he could. An invalid grandmother was being carried out of the house, children were crying, women screaming. I was crying too...

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Eloise Bollack / The Con
July 13, 2014
Gaza War