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Family run brewery showcases new flavors.

“Brewed by brothers for friends” is the slogan of Shepherds Beer, the new hand-crafted local brew that was introduced to the Palestinian market recently. A family business based in Birzeit in the West Bank, the brand-new business is overseen by 27-year old Alaa Sayej, oldest of three brothers, CEO of the company, and tour guide for The Media Line’s visit.

In mid-June, after many months of delay due to logistic and licensing issues, the Sayej brothers finally bottled the first batch of 2,000 bottles of their Blonde Pilsner Lager recipe. A week later, two additional flavors, the Amber Ale and the Stout, invaded bars and restaurants in Christian cities across the West Bank.

“It was a fastidious and challenging launch, but the results after only five weeks are really positive and encouraging. We received many orders from bars, restaurants and retailers,” Alaa, who previously studied business and spent time working in a bank before moving into beverages, told The Media Line. “Last Friday, a bar ordered a box of each type and a day later they were asking for more,” he said proudly.

Moreover, the company offers innovations new to its Palestinian customers such as a draught machine that can be ordered for an event, installed by a brewery worker who delivers the kegs along with plastic cups, leaving it ready for to pour a tall one. “Since the first bottling, we’ve had more than fifteen events from weddings and graduations to engagements and baptisms. People are really enthusiastic about the idea of having fresh beer served to them immediately,” the brewer said.

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Eloise Bollack / The Media Line
July 28 2015