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Pictures of children line the walls: some with big grins on their faces, others with tears welling in their eyes. Many of the kids, both the happy and the sad, carry visible injuries or are missing limbs.

All of the photographs make up the “Children of Palestine | Beyond Numbers” exhibit, a collection of the works of four photographers who have spent time capturing the lives of young Palestinians. Many of the images were taken during Operation Protective Edge in the Gaza Strip last summer.

“The media normally talk about numbers and mass generic words – Palestinians, West Bankers, Gazans,” Eloise Bollack, one of the photographers and the organizer of the exhibit, told The Media Line. “We wanted to remind people that behind numbers are human beings… and stories of children.” Bollack, a Parisian journalist who has worked in Israel and Palestine for the last four years said that she felt the exhibition was necessary to humanize Palestinians, and Gazan children in particular. “It’s important to remind (people) that a child is a child no matter which side of the wall he is on.”

Children have fun in one the UNRWA school in Gaza city where their families sought shelter fleeing the shelling of their neighborhood.

Bollack explained the balance the organizers sought, avoiding an overabundance of images of death and suffering on one hand and only happy children at play on the other. The intent of the collection was to present pictures demonstrating the full range of daily life for Palestinian children, including, “hard, realistic, graphic photos, but also pictures of kids who will always keep smiling.”

The exhibition is being held at the Yabous Cultural Center in east Jerusalem and was organized by the US-based Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF), which works with children who require medical treatment, and by Helping Children in Gaza, an informal group of volunteers who raise funds for children affected by the conflict. “Our main feature is medical work and boosting the capabilities of local doctors’ capacities to do surgeries,” Dr. Felitcia Adeeb, the vice-president of operations for PCRF, told The Media Line.

Humanitarian relief organization, the PCRF, distributes iftar meals outside of Al Shifa hospital in Gaza city during the summer 2014 attack

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June 10, 2015