Exhibition in Jerusalem

Photo Exhibition "Children of Palestine | Beyond Numbers" at the Yabous Cultural Centre in Jerusalem, from Monday, June 8 to Thursday, June 11 2015. Opening Monday, June 8 from 5:30 to 8pm / Open daily from 9am to 5pm.

The opening event will be held on Monday, June 8 from 5:30 to 8pm; it will include screening of short videos, a music performance by the students of the National Conservatory of Music in Jerusalem, and a catering provided by St George Hotel.

Staged by The Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF) and Helping Children in Gaza (HCIG) “Children of Palestine | Beyond Numbers” brings together pictures taken by a variety of talented photographers, as well as by the children themselves. The combination of photos taken by children and by professionals, as well as by Palestinians and by internationals, gives this exhibition its unique perspective through diverse documentation of experience. This project expresses intimately and creatively the Palestinian experience through the eyes and lives of our children.

Palestinian children live under extreme conditions of an occupation and through the horrors of many wars, yet they are very much like other children - they enjoy playing, being creative and they love taking pictures. The photo exhibition is made up of four themes: Their stories, Meet the Kids, In Times of War & Peace, Make a Difference; and it showcases the work of photographers: Eloïse Bollack; Alex Jeffries, Ivana Maglione; AbdelAzeez Noman, Sarah Alrayyes.

By sharing an intimate perspective of the lives of Palestinian children through photography, PCRF & HCIG hopes that the community might come to a better understanding of the children’s challenges and their unwavering spirits. Through empowering, collaborating and learning together we aim to build a sustainable future for our children.

“Children of Palestine | Beyond Numbers” was staged at the Khalil Sakakini Centre in Ramallah from March 18 to 30 2015; and at the Gulf Photo Plus Gallery in Dubai on October 2014. On January 31, 2015, PCRF & HCIG hosted the very first Fundraising Gala for Gaza at St. George Event Hall & Convention Center in East Jerusalem gathering representatives, ambassadors and members of the Palestinian private sector.

We would like to acknowledge our generous and supportive sponsors: Yabous Cultural Centre, Bank of Palestine, Palestine Commercial Bank, Quds Bank, Gasman, St George Hotel, National Conservatory of Music in Jerusalem.

The Palestine Children's Relief Fund is an apolitical nonprofit humanitarian medical relief organization providing free medical care to thousands of sick and injured children from the Middle East. In 2013, PCRF sponsored 81 volunteer surgery missions in the Middle East, providing 1495 operations for needy children. In addition, 63 children were sent abroad for free medical care that they could not get locally.

Helping Children in Gaza is an informal group founded by spouses of representatives from the diplomatic community working in Palestine. The co-founders and executive committee members, Loreto del Rio (Chile), Gina Lund (Norway), Syntia Romero (South Africa), Shirley de Leon (Switzerland), and Mandisa Baptiste (UNDP) work collectively on a volunteer basis with other internationals and members of the local community. “Our goal is to raise awareness and funding for projects aimed at children in Gaza who have been heavily affected by the impacts of the conflicts.”

Yabous Cultural Centre was established in 1995 and has organized hundreds of cultural events including many of the world's most renowned performing artists and intellectuals. The cultural centre has a developmental vision of instilling and reviving culture and arts in Jerusalem that meets the needs and rights of the people. Through various social and cultural events, the centre created a new social reality, artistic creativity, and revived culture in Jerusalem that has been absent for many years.

Facebook event: www.facebook.com/events/1648618262024902/

Eloise Bollack / PCRF
May 25, 2015